Silica aerogel is an exceptional material historically used in niche markets, due to its cost.


The ultimate super-insulating blankets to insulate, save energy and space.


Additives for best-in-class integrated thermal protection.


A wide range of applications for Buildings, Electronics, Appliances, Transportation, Clothing, etc.

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Silica Aerogel: the best super insulation material

Our silica aerogel-based products are the best on the market. They offer the highest thermal insulation, great fire resistance, are light weight and our blankets are available in various thicknesses.

Enersens has developed innovative processes to produce silica aerogel granules, powders and blankets in a cost-effective way.

Our Products

Additives to be incorporated in your products or base materials

λ = 0.018 – 0.021 W/(m.K)

Ready-to-use and versatile blankets

λ = 0.012 W/(m.K)

Some applications